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Becoming Yeast

To become yeast,
you must first
let yourself be eaten.

Spirit is the wild yeast,
the spark of life in air.

At what point
does the wood become fire
and cease to be wood?
When does it recognize
its rigid, splintery flesh
as a mere carrier of fire?
In the stick's epiphany,
does it ask, "who am I,

Yeast is the creative force
that turns glue into bread,
transforming the sodden
mass of humanity.
Spirit blows breath
into flour, and the flour
becomes the breath.
Where does fragrance come from?

The new yeast, that was flour,
sings life into the wet clay,
which it was, just
a moment ago.

God created us
in His likeness.
What does that mean?
All we know of God
is what God did...
God created.

We were created
to create,
to give life to life.

Yeast is a flexible unity,
embracing the opposites,
holding the tension
as smooth and taut
as a baby's cheek.

In the beginning
was one spore
of wild yeast.
It was enough.
It exhaled,
and life began.

Is the flour afraid
that the yeast will use it,
take the best years
of its life, and then
move on?

Yeast is the anima,
consuming all in its path.
Let us put ourselves there,
where it can't miss us.
Directly in the path
of the insatiable Spirit,
the promiscuous,
the omnivorous,
the lusty,