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I Will Not Thank God

Thanksgiving Eve, 2005

I will not thank God for my food
on a day when children starve.

What kind of God would I thank?
A God who gives to some
and keeps from others?
A God who grants wishes
and denies need?
A God who protects some
and abandons the rest?

To thank God is to not
see the servants,
the farmers, the workers,
as if it all appeared by magic,
untouched by human hands.

To the woman in the hairnet,
her fingers arthritic in the cold
processing plant, I give my thanks.

To the young boy mechanically
slaughtering turkeys, numb to
the brutal task, I give my thanks.

To the frugal men in the field,
risking all to send money home
to their wives, I give my thanks.

There but for the grace of God
go I. What the heck does this mean?
If God's grace strips the fruit
of another's labor for my bounty,
God is a creep.

I'll thank God when He shows
some human decency, or
when we humans show
some moral honesty.