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Mollusks and Diamonds

Mollusks and diamonds in the sand
are equal in their origin,
their value common to the land
who wears each one with equal grace
and does not mourn what is replaced.
The vein that sings life into clay,
the orbit of a single cell,
is mimicked in the Milky Way.
Or does Orion lift our lung
his bow in flex, his point unflung,
an actor with the act undone?
The new fiancÚ seeks, distraught
guiding by weeds in crust of salt
to find the sand her love has bought,
unreconciled to jewels of spray.

Cassiopeia girds her waist
with rocks that fling their dying light
towards a shroud of murky haze.
Huddled misers count their days,
pebbles thrown against the night
chasing love from flare to flare
in light abundant, unaware.
The oceanic night exhales
spinning stars in pinwheel trails
filling moon's candescent sail.
The Virgin scatters grace like coin
to mothers needing blessing most.
The Lion burns, a silent host,
centered in the nautilus
where time and distance spiral in
in the beginning and the end
as it is now and ever was.