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Third Paradigm is an out-of-the-box thinktank on community sovereignty and regenerative economics.

We look at how to take back our cities, farmland and water; our money, production and trade; our media, education and culture, our religion and even our God.

We present a people's history of the Bible and a parent's view on how to raise giving kids in a taking world.

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3P-068   12 Local Ordinances for Food SecurityDescribes 12 local ordinances that towns could use to protect food production and community sovereignty. These include distinguishing between agribusiness and smallholder farms, enabling sustainable student swaps, authorizing Backyard Farmer and Kitchen Baker Markets, allowing free trade between neighbors, and networking with other towns reclaiming their producer rights. First among these is Sedgwick, Maine, whose Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance we discuss including its revolutionary stance on secession.

3P-067   Rhetorical Devisives or Two Half-Truths Don't Make a WholeDemonstrates the importance of the Trivium education from ancient Greece: grammar, logic, and rhetoric, to learn how to think rather than what to think. Uses Julian Assange as an example of someone who uses classical techniques to identify and rebut ad hominem and lunatic fringe attacks. Defines blood libel from James Carroll's book on anti-Semiticism in the Church, Constantine's Sword, and shows how Sarah Palin twisted it into an opposite meaning.

3P-066   Peru and the Free2Raid AgreementAsks whether free trade agreements between countries are really free-to-raid agreements between dictators and corporate investors. Gives the history of the 2007 Peru FTA and show how Democrats, labor unions, churches, human rights organizations, and environmental groups were divided and conquered to pass it, and what its effects have been in the North and South.

3P-065   Who Rules the World?Examines global wealth starting with the 50 richest people, who are one in 100 million, and the Bilderbergers, quoting from the radio show Unwelcome Guests. Then goes to one in 100,000 with an excerpt called Adjusted Income by Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket. Discusses Michael Parenti's distinction between a structuralist and a functionalist.

3P-064   Money as Theft, or Why We Need a Glocal EconomyLooks at money as created through debt, but backed by theft. Examines the exchange of labor that money purportedly represents. Questions the high cost of housing and services vs. the low cost of food and goods. Develops 10 features that a successful turnaround plan would need to have, and explains how a strategy to deal with hyperinflation is the opposite of inflation.

3P-063   Connecting the DOTS: Deepening Our Thinking on SovereigntyThis episode recaps a week of Connecting the DOTS — our new UniverseCity blog that responds to Democracy Now. It features Percy Schmeiser's Principles of Food and Agriculture, and a rebuttal to Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel that quotes James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me. We suggest that, along with germs, natives hadn't built up an immunity to religions without honor.

3P-062   Education and its Discontents: How Degree-Driven Schooling has Undermined LearningIn this special 2-hour feature, Third Paradigm hosts the 10th anniversary episode of Unwelcome Guests. This show looks forward and backwards at whether schools at the university, secondary, and elementary levels are serving the greater good of society or the greater wealth of CEO's. In celebration of 520 episodes, this show begins by reading Lyn Gerry's introduction to the very first edition of Unwelcome Guests. In the second hour, an alternative media forum called the UniverseCity is cited, with an invitation to listeners to join.

3P-061   Wossamotta UExamines the university as the self-perpetuating goal of education. Reviews the NY Times article 'Placing the Blame as Students Are Mired in Debt,' the Washington Examiner article, 'Higher Education's Bubble is About to Burst,' and the book by Anya Kamenetz, DIY U. Cites statistics on drop-out rates, the cost/benefit ratio, and a jaundiced look at college from 'The Economics of Education and the Education of an Economist.'

3P-060   The Bipolar Bipartisan: Supporting Need and GreedThis episode looks at bipartisanship as a compromise between two confusions. We examine critical thinking and how it's been bred out, generation by generation, defeating us through our own unexamined contradictions. We also look at that strange hybrid of capitalism and socialism, the consumer democracy. And we explore how Republicans and Democrats differ on a survey of happiness.

3P-059   Two Things in Life are Certain: Debt & TaxesThis episode looks at national debts as sneaky taxes, and why protectionism should be one of the most holy words in our vocabulary. Asks, if we owe on loans without our consent, are we really free? Referencing the radio series Wizards of Money by 'Smithy,' does an in-depth analysis of FICA, the tax that pays for Social Security and Medicare.

3P-058   Honduras: The People SpeakThis episode chronicles the violent aftermath of the Honduran coup, which Hilary Clinton has lauded as a return to normalcy. But the real focus is on the Constituent People's Assembly being convened to strategize a map to the next world. We answer their invitation with a parallel agenda for the US.

3P-057   The Many Faces of PalestineReviews the film 'Occupied Minds' about Palestinian and Israeli journalist-friends who interview Zionist settlers, militant Palestinians, Israeli soldiers, Palestinian farmers, and an Israeli surgeon blinded by a suicide bomber. Ends with Face2Face, a project that posted giant photos of Israelis and Palestinians making goofy faces.

3P-056   Faith and Quakes, or Don't Blame God for HaitiExamines the question of theodicy that has puzzled philosophers from Plato to Barbara Ehrenreich: if God is all-good and all-powerful, how can evil exist? Gives a brief history, including St. Iranaeus, St. Augustine, and Alfred Whitehead, and proposes a new answer to 'Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?'

3P-055   AIDS and Interview with Ruthann RichterPresents a book called Face to Face: Children of the AIDS Crisis in Africa and interviews the author, Ruthann Richter. Comments on the documentary 'Angels in the Dust' about a South African AIDS children's village. Also presents the history and evidence indicating that AIDS was developed as a weapon of bioterrorism against homosexuals and non-whites to reduce their population.

3P-054   Clash of the Continents: Climate DebtRelates statistics about per capita carbon emissions to national debt burdens. Suggests that instead of charging 'rich' countries a climate debt, we absolve all national debts - saving the global South 200 billion a year. Proposes a US plan for counties to keep 2% of their own income tax for every 2% the county lowers its carbon emissions. This would promote local sovereignty, defund the military, and lower emissions 20% by 2020, 40% by 2030, or even 80% by 2050.

3P-053   Biblical Blackwater: Sodom vs. the MercenariesResponds to an interview of Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah, with an analysis of the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah. If taken literally, God disapproves of homosexuality, but approves of fathers offering teenage daughters to be gang- raped, and then impregnating them himself. If taken allegorically, God retaliates against rebellious nations by enslaving and oppressing them.

3P-052   Writing the Wrongs and Other TailsCloses out the first year of Third Paradigm by adding a retrospective of (mostly) unpublished writings by Tereza Coraggio to the website. A collection of sixteen poems is called Becoming Yeast: Poems of Transformation. Nine essays on the apocryphal gospel of Philip are called Revolutionary Mystics and How to Become One. Also includes responses to Jeffrey Sachs and to Peter Singer, and proof that Jesus was the code name for an imperialist Roman spy.

3P-051   CHIMPS: Cruzans Hosting Indie Media, Press and SchoolingProposes a partnership between Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz community to start a new radio station focusing on independent news and analysis. Celebrates independent publishers like Anarchist Press and the well-disguised anarchist bookshop Capitola BookCafe. Sets the goal of enabling a self-educated generation, without debt, who know how to work with their hands.

3P-050   A is for Anarchist: the New Indie StudentRecaps the book The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education by Maya Frost. Reports research on study abroad, and her tips for getting around crazy expensive college costs while learning through your pores and having more fun. Tara the Transfer Diva explains how she rocks at Credit Quest. Defines terms like fego and halfpats.

3P-049   The Student Loan Mafia Explains how hard-working, responsible graduates become mired in impossible debt. Reviews the history of a predatory industry that has bribed universities, financial aid officers, and Congress to strip all consumer protections. Details the underhanded tactics, usurious fees, and draconian collection practices that have driven borrowers out of jobs, out of the country, and out of their minds.

3P-048   Apropos of Everything: Amy GoodmanReviews the "coming of age" of Democracy Now from their book, The Exceptions to the Rulers. Examines how one person's journalist - with-integrity is another person's hostile crank. Discusses Christian Parenti's response, called "Free the Truth," to Kevin Bales, founder of "Free the Slaves", who claimed that child slavery in cocoa has been eradicated.

3P-047   Cassandra's DilemmaDiscusses a 1999 book, Believing Cassandra, by Alan AtKisson, a 2000 book called Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam, and last month's updated version of Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia by Rob Brezsny.

3P-046   Trees, Bees and FirefliesCompares the ethical code of Joss Whedon's TV series "Firefly" with the benevolent empire of Star Trek, the gun totin' Wild Wild West, and the Free Radio Santa Cruz pirates.

3P-045   Radio is Community–FormingDiscusses the future of radio as the medium of the revolution: cheap, slow-tech and mobile. It liberates from the ubiquitous screen, and provides the best of both worlds - local community and access to a global network of sovereign stations.

3P-044   Resistance & Waves of Loving KindnessCompares the Congressional response to scandals at two organizations with public funding - ACORN and the war contractor, KBR. On Honduras, contrasts the solidarity of the resistance movement in Latin America to the watery response of nonviolent activists in the US.

3P-043   Joy, Luck, and the Religion of ProsperityExamines prosperity consciousness and magical thinking from nineteenth century mind-cure healers to New Age spiritual hucksters and the megachurches of consumer christianity. Responds to "The Secret" with the "Joy Luck Club." Reports on Douglas Rushkoff's article in the e-zine Reality Sandwich called "I Am God," giving the history of wealth-creationism and the spirituality of selfishness.

3P-042   You've Been FramedExamines, ala the media watchgroup FAIR, three examples of how reporters frame the question in order to shift our perspective on the facts. One is a quote from Mark Hosenball, Special Correspondent for Newsweek, speaking on NPR's Talk of the Nation about the Inspector General's report on interrogation methods. Two is the winner of Survival International's Most Racist Article of the Year Award. Third is the defense of Van Jones in Ryan Witt's Political Buzz Examiner, saying that he was stupid but not evil.

3P-041   Undermining Empire with Vivek ChibberQuotes from Chibber's review "The Good Empire" on Niall Ferguson's book Colossus, which suggests that America should take lessons in empire-building from the British. Examines puppet governments that start thinking they're a real boy: Saddam Hussein, Israel, and the military coup in Honduras.

3P-040   Sovereignty: The Right to Do No WrongPresents Wikipedia's imperialist definition of sovereignty. Quotes David Cobb and David Korten on the current disaster of corporate sovereignty. Questions whether the state and federal government can both be simultaneously sovereign. Defines the key to sovereignty as the right to do no wrong.

3P-039   Zeitgeist ContinuedUsing the movie Zeitgeist as a springboard, examines the parallels between Old Testament patriarchs Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Makes the case for Josephus as the author of the New Testament, and for the OT as a reverse-engineered invention of the Roman Empire. Asks if the God referred to in the Bible describes Caesar.

3P-038   Don't Make Me Hit You: The Rationalization of ViolenceDiscusses the blaming of Zelaya, the Honduran President, for the violent acts of the coup regime. Looks at US and Canadian corporate interests in Honduras, such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell, Hanes, Gap, Gildan, Adidas, Nike, Dole, and Chaquita, and their response to Zelaya's 60% raise of the minimum wage. Role-reverses Hilary Clinton and Mel Zelaya.

3P-037   Horatio Alger and the Half-Blood PresidentAsks if the inclusion of minorities at high levels of government - Barack Obama, Condaleeza Rice, Sonia Sotomayor - indicates greater equality for blacks and Latinos in domestic and foreign policy. Cites statistics on black men in prison vs. college in 1980 and 2000. Reviews Sotomayor's voting record on immigrants and race claims.

3P-036   People Are Animals TooQuestions the religion of vegetarianism. Differentiates between the evils of industrial meat production, illustrated by the movie "Food, Inc.", and the joys of animal husbandry, as detailed in the book, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer. Reports on interview with Novella Carpenter and with Elise Pearlstein, co-producer of "Food, Inc.".

3P-035   What Would Judas Do?Places Biblical characters in historical context and shows that the heroes may not be heroes and the villains may not be villains. Tells the stories of Judas the Galilean and Zadok the Sadducee, founders of the Fourth Philosophy and zealot revolution. Examines the central role of the priests and elite in supporting the revolution. Finds contradictions in the Biblical text on when and where Jesus was born, if he was a peasant, the revolutionary era he lived through, and which side he was on.

3P-034   Confusion in the CosmovisionReplays an excerpt of an interview with Tupac Enrique Acosta called Wars of the Petropolis. Shows why the indigenous alliance of the Abya Yala looks at the culture of disposable resources as a confusion in the cosmovision. Reports on the latest news of the return of President Zelaya to Honduras, and the Cobra swarm snipers, thousands of heavily-armed soldiers, and 200,000 citizens that await him at the airport.

3P-033   The Comedy of the CommonsTakes a critical look at the Tragedy of the Commons Elaborates the true tragedy of the monopoly, which has been taken to new heights by the global land grab in response to food insecurity. Examines how the usurping of land for oil, gas, logging, and mining has led to the massacre in the Amazon, due to the US-Peru Free2Raid Agreement. Introduces Presidents Correa and Morales UN sideshow on dismantling the International Center for Settlement of Investor Disputes.

3P-032   With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemas?Examines whether US foreign aid has been a benefit or a pain in the arse for impoverished people. Looks at a book by Dambisa Moyo called Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa. Uses the evidence of Patrice Lumumba, Mobutu, and AFRICOM to contradict her conclusion that Africans need tough love.

3P-031   Finance is an Extractive IndustryExamines foreign investment as a form of pollution, according to the Abya Yala, and as a form of perpetual slavery. As examples, cites the oil and gas transnationals in the Peruvian Amazon, and Firestone in Liberia. Shows how Dell, HP, and AT&T are collaborating to censor free speech in China. Illustrates NAFTA's pro-investor bias with the case of Glamis Gold against the State of California.

3P-030   Plant Radishes for Hope: PalestineCompares the early sprouting of radish seeds to the evidential hope in Frances Moore Lappe's talk, The Work of Hope. Applies this to Obama's Cairo talk and its implications for Palestine. Includes an interview with Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies fellow and author of several books on Empire and conflicts in the Middle East. Criticizes Uri Avnery's comparison of Israel to the zealots as unfair... to the zealots, who defended the oppressed against Rome.

3P-029   911: Making a KillingInterviews Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Reports on his more-than-compelling evidence that 911 was a controlled demolition, and the staggering implications of that. And does Bilderberg - the clandestine meeting of uber-elite in Athens - have anything to do with it?

3P-028   Corporatocracy vs. SovereigntyPresents a conversation with David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential candidate, and Kaitlyn Sopici-Belknap, both of Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County. Discusses why real democracy is both unconstitutional and illegal. Looks to Latin America for the antidote to civilization as we know it.

3P-027   Muslim is the New Jew: Christianity & TortureExplores the results of the Pew Forum that asks Christians whether torture is justified. Brings in al-Jazeera footage of the Bagram chaplain exhorting soldiers to "hunt souls down for Jesus." Comments on the NY Times article about Explorer Scouts' paramilitary training for border patrols, marijuana raids, and anti-terrorism.

3P-026   Panama: Free Trade with Tax HavenContinues to examine the Constitution's role in perpetuating slavery. Compares the 1808 voluntary phase-out to the Harkins-Engel protocol for child slaves in chocolate or the voluntary high-tech embargo on coltan, none of which worked. Reviews Obama's gear-shifting on NAFTA and the free trade agreements with Panama and Colombia. Shows the effect of tax havens and drug money laundering on US citizens and developing countries.

3P-025   Was the Constitution an Act of Treason?Reviews the context in which the Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution - how it was done and who benefited. Presents the warnings of the "anti Federalists:" Patrick Henry, Brutus, and Federalist Farmer. Makes a case that the "Founding Fathers" destroyed the people's government in order to perpetuate slavery, extort taxes in gold and gain possession of citizens' land.

3P-024   We Interrupt This CommercialLooks at a book called The Soap Opera Paradigm: Television Programming and Corporate Priorities. In particular, examines the idealism of radio and TV in their youth, before the seeds of commercialism took over. Shows how the soap style has been adopted by sports, prime-time, reality shows, disaster coverage, and especially news broadcasting.

3P-023   Taxing in a Time of TroubleThis episode critiques Credo's action alert in Afghanistan, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Making Contact's episode "Tax Me, I'm Yours."

3P-022   The Food and Community ResurrectionLooks at a revolutionary uprising called the Grow Food Party Crew. They dig, they plant, they play, they dance. Ties it into a recent act of Santa Cruz insurgency - the day that commerce stood still. Also reads poems by Hafiz, Nanao Sakaki, and Li-Young Lee. Develops the Permaculture concept into a way to save the world from your own backyard. Introduces a new program called Food in the 'Hood. Reminisces about the Church of the Holy Snowball.

3P-021   The SuperFerry ChroniclesThe Kauia uprising against the SuperFerry - a "civilian" prototype for a fleet of high-speed shallow-water vessels sized to transport military vehicles, slicing through whale breeding grounds. Jerry Mander and Koohan Paik write about the collusion and deception, and how 1500 citizens and surfers took direct action to stop the oncoming colossus.

3P-020   A 2020 VisionReads a poem called "To Begin With, the Sweet Grass" by Mary Oliver. Presents a hypothetical scenario of the year 2020 with employment security, cheap healthcare, housing work exchange, worry-free retirement, and all the education you can eat.

3P-019   The Nature of Reality and The PlanReads a poem by Steve Kowit called "Notice" and Kurt Vonnegut's "Last Rites of the Bokononist Faith", set to the music of Bill Laswell. Sends a last will and text-message, and looks at the Lenten digital abstinence of texting-free Fridays. On a truly somber topic, discusses Mark Danner's Voices from the Black Sites.

3P-018   To Bee a British PoundReads from the Chris Cleeve novel, Little Bee, and discusses the freedom of money to flow across borders, unlike people. Presents a Barbie mash-up from the Danish-Norwegian pop band, Aqua, the Ecuadoran band, No Barbies, a poem by Denise Duhamel called "Buddhist Barbie", and "The Fear" by the UK performer, Lily Allen.

3P-017   Love ‘Em & Eat ‘Em: the Art of Animal HusbandryReads four poems about farming by Wendall Barry, Miguel De Unamuno, and William Stafford. Reviews the book Righteous Porkchop by Nicolette Hahn Niman, environmentalist lawyer who investigated factory farms under Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Explores the parallels between Big Ag extremists and vegan animal liberationists. Gives a hopeful history and a dismal past and a hopeful future for backyard chickens. Introduces a program called "Food in the 'Hood" being started on the Westside.

3P-016   Nasty Noah and the PatriarchsLooks at the Biblical curse of Canaan that's at the root of Israeli entitlement to Palestinian land. Discusses the book Palestine Inside-Out : An Everyday Occupation, and quotes from David Shulman's book, Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine. Examines a video of a Tel Rumeida settler abusing a Palestinian woman and her daughter.

3P-015   The Man Who Brought God to GuantanamoReads excerpts from Poems from Guantanamo: the Detainees Speak. Responds to Jacques Lusseyran's essay, "Poetry in Buchenwald." And delves into Enemy Combatant : My Imprisonment in Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar by Moazzam Begg.

3P-014   The Upside-Down Tax PyramidLooks at what the tax system rewards and discourages, what it forces us to do and what it forces underground. Asks if it's possible to make an honest living between income tax, sales tax, and property tax. Explores the paradox of "protectionism" vs. defense, and the Pacific Freeze Campaign to wash the military build-up out of our hair.

3P-013   Josephus of the Multi-Colored TurncoatProposes a way to make millions from our illegal immigrant population. Sends a Valentine's note to Firestone from their Liberian rubber tappers. Presents research that the Bible is a two-part propaganda piece written after the "fall" of Jerusalem by Hebrew collaborators with Rome. Includes a poem by Mary Oliver and a song about child slaves on cocoa plantations by Cassandra Coraggio.

3P-012   Bad Money and Morbid MortgagesCompares Money and Debt to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the Capitalism Cat in the Hat - these things are not good things. Reviews the books Bad Money by Kevin Phillips, Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller, and Slow Money by Woody Tausch.

3P-011   Twilight Zone of the InaugeuphoriaLooks at the shiny new President with the Gaza stain on his tie, at renegade janitors and subversive teachers, at charity for soldiers and no mercy for victims, and at whether Israel lost the 23-day war.

3P-010   The Ethics of AnarchyPresents the Boycott, Divest, Sanction strategy for Israeli products recommended by Naomi Klein as an economic anarchist's way of censuring Israel. Examines who is really hiding behind women and children. Compares the history of anarchy to its present form.

3P-009   Friends Don't Let Friends Condone GenocideReports on grassroots organizations within Gaza and urges engagement with Jewish-Americans who are "neutral."

3P-008   A People's History Of The BibleAn in-depth look at an alternative form of first-century Judaism that believed in sovereignty, equality, and freedom for all, plus the right of armed resistance against foreign rule.

3P-007   The Sovereignty GameThis weeks show Rwanda and New Hampshire as models for local government. A California Carol from the Courage Campaign also the economic state of Santa Cruz County Poetry and more.

3P-006   Buddhas, Saints, and Fan ClubsFeaturing Buddhas shoveling snow and pregnant Virgins walking down the road. Ecuador's debt default gives lessons for our $10 trillion hangover. Christmas as family goes global with Thich Nhat Hanh, the MILK awards, and the Global Oneness Project. Also includes the history of some subversive saints and a sappy song.

3P-005   Third-Generation Lap CatsThird-Generation Lap Cats questions our dependency on money, and how it's hurt our self-sufficiency in the wild. It also looks at whether loans, trade, or USAID have helped or hurt foreign economies, focusing on the Free Trade Agreement with Peru. It includes a song about torture, a video about laughter clubs, and a poem about crafty hedgehogs.

3P-004   Doubting the Existence of MoneyThis episode looks at resource rights activists in Mexico, plays an Oxfam clip on the global food crisis, and reads Ecuador's Constitution for nature. The feature topic is Questioning the Existence of Money, which argues it to be a more entrenched belief system than the existence of God.

3P-003   Kicking the DogmaIn this edition the 14th Dalai Lama writes about compassion, at Thanksgiving Eat-Ins no one is trampled, Last Sunday creates a forum for spiritual politics in Austin, and a charter for compassion is launched for the world's religions. This week's religious rant examines the concept of scripture, and how it squares with the concept of equality.

3P-002   President Obama, Listen to Your Mother!This week's show features Thanksgiving poems blessing the farm-workers, an update on the global food crisis, and the "Declarations of the Via Campesina" from their 5th annual conference in Maputo. It ends with an open letter to the President-elect called "Obama, Listen to Your Mother!"

3P-001   What's God Got to Do with It?This segment covers poetry, the gift economy in Loveland, CO, Jordanian radio put on by 10-24 yr-olds, hope for Fort Benning, Buy Nothing Day, and three wandering minstrels in England. The featured topic looks at the similarities between the Bible story of Abel and Cain and Darwin's theory of evolution in attributing superiority to the winners.