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Tereza Coraggio

Third Paradigm is an out-of-the-box thinktank on community sovereignty and regenerative economics.

We look at how to take back our cities, farmland and water; our money, production and trade; our media, education and culture, our religion and even our God.

We present a people's history of the Bible and a parent's view on how to raise giving kids in a taking world.

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Radio Free Brighton
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Tereza has been interviewed on...

Talkabout with Kevin Spitzer, KZSC Santa Cruz

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by Robin Upton
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Poetry Included in My Shows

My Shows currently include 121 Poems

— Two Wolves
Anna Akhmatova — Sonnets to Orpheus X [SECOND PART]
Antonio Machado — Last Night As I Was Sleeping
Apollinaire — I Know All Sorts of People
Arthur Sze — The Unnamable River
Barbara Crooker — Praise Song
Billy Collins — Shoveling Snow With Buddha
Bokonon — life is
Burton D. Carley — September Meditation
Carlos Drummond de Andrade — An Ox Looks at Man
Chuang Tzu — When the Shoe Fits
Czeslaw Milosz — On Pilgrimage
David Wagoner — The Silence of the Stars
David Whyte — New Year Prayer
David Whyte — The Winter of Listening
Demetrice Anntia Worley — Feminicide/Fimicidio
Denise Duhamel — Buddhist Barbie
Denise Levertov — Beginners
Derek Mahon — Everything Is Going to Be All Right
Diana Der-Hovanessian — Shifting the Sun
e. e. cummings — seeker of truth
Edward Hirsch — For the Sleepwalkers
Eliza Gilkyson — The Great Correction
Epictetus — Caretake This Moment
Gregory Orr — Grief will come to you
Hafiz — All The Hemispheres
Hafiz — I Have Come Into This World to See This
Hafiz — In A Handful of God
Hafiz — Two Bears
Hiyam Noir — In the Toxic Garden
Ibrahim Nasrallah — A Beautiful Morning
Ikkyu — Love Letters
James Broughton — Having Come This Far
Jane Hirshfield — Jasmine
Jane Hirshfield — Optimism
Jean Burden — Query
Joan Murray — Her Head
John Fox — Finding What You Didn't Lose
John Hiatt — Your Dad Did
John O'Donohue — For a New Beginning
John O'Donohue — In Praise of the Earth
Joy Harjo — A Map to the Next World
Joy Harjo — Eagle Poem
Joy Harjo — Morning Prayers
Joy Harjo — This is My Heart
Judy Brown — Fire
Kerrie Hardie — What's Left
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. — The Last Rites of the Bokononist Faith
Lao Tzu — Chapter 74
Li-Young Lee — From Blossoms
Li-Young Lee — Night Mirror
Li-Young Lee — One Heart
Linda Hogan — Light
Lisel Mueller — Hope
Lisel Mueller — Monet Refuses the Operation
Louise Glück — Celestial Music
Lynn Ungar — Groundhog Day
Mahmoud Darwish — I Am There
Margaret Atwood — Up
Marge Piercy — The Seven Of Pentacles
Marilyn Nelson — The Tao of the Trial
Mark Jarman — Coyotes
Martin Espada — Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits
Mary Oliver — Almost a Conversation
Mary Oliver — Halleluiah
Mary Oliver — Singapore
Mary Oliver — Straight Talk From Fox
Mary Oliver — The Summer Day
Mary Oliver — To Begin With, the Sweet Grass
Mary Oliver — Wild Geese
May Swenson — Earth Your Dancing Place
Miguel De Unamuno — Throw Yourself Like Seed
Moya Cannon — Introductions
Nanao Sakaki — JustEnough
Naomi Shihab Nye — Kindness
Native American Story — On the Fourth Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq ....
Nelly Sachs — But perhaps God needs the longing
Nick Penna, fifth grade — Waiting in Line
Octavio Paz — No More Clichés
Pattiann Rogers — The Greatest Grandeur
Philip Appleman — New Year's Resolution
Portia Nelson — Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
Rabindranath Tagore — Let My Country Awake
Rafael Jesus Gonzalez — Grace
Rainer Maria Rilke — II, 16
Rainer Maria Rilke — Sonnets to Orpheus, Part Two, X
Rainer Maria Rilke — You are the Future
Rolf Jacobsen — When They Sleep
Rumi — Begin
Rumi — The Way Wings Should
Samuel Hazo — Seesaws
Stanley Kunitz — The Layers
Stan Rice — Monkey Hill
Stephen Levine — Half Life
Stephen Levine — Millennium blessing
Steve Kowit — Notice
Taha Muhammad Ali — Twigs (excerpt)
Tereza Coraggio — By Contrast
Tereza Coraggio — Celestial Effervescence
Tereza Coraggio — I Will Not Thank God
Tereza Coraggio — The Constellations of the Day
Tereza Coraggio — The Holy Dark
Tereza Coraggio — Thoughts on the AfterLife
Tereza Coraggio — To Sleep with a Child's Heart in your Hand
Tereza Coraggio — Walking the Sierra
Thomas Centolella — View #45 - After Hokusai and Hiroshige
Tom Barrett — What's In The Temple?
Tukaram — Certainty
Tukaram — I Might Act Serious
Ursula K. Le Guin — Soul Food
W.S. Merwin — To the New Year
Wendell Berry — A Spiritual Journey
Wendell Berry — Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front
Wendell Berry — Sabbaths 1998, VI
William Stafford — A Message From Space
William Stafford — Starting with Little Things
Wislawa Szymborska — I'm working on the world
Wislawa Szymborska — Utopia
Yehuda Amachai — Wildpeace
Yuan Mei — Writing What I've Seen
Zelda Schneurson Mishkovsky — Each of Us Has a Name